My Other Mother

Oh yes – my other mother… or part of a possible series concept called “Men-types that raised me in the absense of my father…” which would likely include Tommy, Doctor Who, John Cleese, Danny Elfman… and my all time #1 – Tim Curry. How I love you. Kisses.

And, I might add, it wasnt easy being raised by Time Lords, Manic Brits, Transvestite-Butler-Legendary Demons, Deaf-dumb-and-blind kids (who sure play mean pinball) and musical geniuses – but I think I turned out OK.

So elaborating on this idea a little bit… Doctor Who taught me non-violence and quiet perseverance… Danny Elfman taught me that there is always room for one more… and that no one lives forever… Tommy taught me about Jesus and messiahs in general (and messiah complexes – always fun)… and that Jack Nicholson shouldn’t have a singing part in any movie ever. John Cleese taught me that you cant knock a nail in with a hamster… (very important) and that when your brain hurts you should put a dipie on your head.  I use that remedy to this day. Tim Curry taught me that when I get hot and flustered – I should use a bit of mustard… and that, in truth, even when there are other possibilities, the Butler DID do it.

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