The Dreaming Void Character List

One of my favorite authors is Peter F. Hamilton.  I listen to a lot of books on audio while driving, and he has so many characters and so much going on in his books, that I find it useful to reference a character list.  I couldnt find one for TDV so I decided to make one for myself.  SPOILER WARNING: my character descriptions may give clues/hints to plotlines in the book…

This list is Commonwealth Characters Only.  Within the Void will be another post, also, I think I might arrange the list by planet and faction for a future post.  If Im missing some characters/pertinent details please post in comments (I know Im missing some important aliens – will add later).  This does not include Temporal Void Characters.  That will also be a future post.


Living Dream

Inigo – First Dreamer, Astrophysicist

Corrie-Lyn – Ex Councillor for Living Dream, Inigos Ex-Lover, Aarons Accomplice by force, Dream Analyst, Alcoholic

Ethan – Cleric Conservator for Living Dream

Phelim – Chief Cleric, Personal Secretary to Ethan

Captain Manby – Makkathran 2 Police Force Special Protection Division

Yves – Living Dream Deputy

Danal – Confluence nest technician, Purchases Colwyn City flat from Araminta

Mereble – Married to Danal

Rincenso – Living Dream Councillor

Falven – Living Dream Councillor

DeLouis – Living Dream Councillor

Tosyne – Living Dream Councillor


Faction Agents/Operatives

The Delivery Man – Identity Unknown, Conservative Faction

Lizzie – Wife

Rosa – 17 months old

Tilly – 7 years old

Elsie – 5 years old

Aaron – Unknown Faction Agent, Potentially Ozzies man, Mission to locate Inigo

Marius – Accelerator Agent


Starflyer Era

Lionwalker Eyre – Director at Centurion Station at the time of Inigo’s arrival/1st Dream.

The Cat – Catherine Stewart, Founder of Knights Guardian, Sentenced to 5000 yrs suspension for horrific crimes, Cloned as an Accelerator Agent

Justine Burnelli – Physical Political Representative for ANA Gov., Admiral Kazimirs Mother, Daughter to Gore Burnelli

Gore Burnelli – Commonwealth Contributer, Big Business, Post-physical

Nelson Sheldon – Former Security Chief to the Sheldon Dynasty

Paula Myo – ANA Governance Representative, Former Investigator from CS, Philipino/European Origins, minimalized her Huxleys Haven programming in order to enjoy Pink Floyd

Qatux – Raiel, Reformed Human-Emotion Addict

Oscar Monroe – AKA Gene Yaohui, Convicted Terrorist, reformed, saved the Commonwealth in CS, recruited by Myo to locate 2nd dreamer

Jesaral – One of Oscars 3 life partners

Dushiku – One of Oscars 3 life partners

Anja – One of Oscars 3 life partners

Anne and Wilson Kime – Downloaded to ANA, circumnavigated the galaxy.


Knights Guardian/Oscars Team to find 2nd Dreamer

Tomansio McFoster Stewart

Liatris McPeierl – Lt. technical specialist & armaments

Cheriton McOnna – Gaiafield Specialist, Altered by multimacrocellular enrichment

Beckia McKratz



Kazimir Burnelli – 1st Admiral, Human link between ANA governance and Navy Deterrent Fleet, Son of Justine Burnelli and Kazimir McFoster

Mykala – 3rd Level Captain and FTL Drive Bureau Director

Eoin – Captain Specializing in Alien Activities

Yehudi – Arevelo Navy Office Commander


Troblum & Associates

Troblum – Descendant of Mark Vernon, Phsycist

Solidos with I-Sentient Personality, Replicated from Starflyer era to be Troblums Companions:

Catriona Saleeb

Trisha Marina Halgarth

Isabella Halgarth

Emily Alm – Former Navy Weapons Division, Troblums FTL team

Dan Massell – Troblums FTL team

Ami Cowee – Troblums FTL team

Lucken – Troblums mystery passenger

Stubsy Florac – Relics Dealer on Sholupur

Alcinda – Bodyguard/Clone

Somonie – Bodyguard/Clone

Neskia – Runs Accelerator Assembly Station near the Swarm


Araminta & Associates

Araminta – Waitress turned Developer, 2nd Dreamer, Descendent of Mellanie Rescorai

Tandra – Aramintas Co-worker at Niks

Mathew – Aramintas Boss at Niks

Cressida – Aramintas Cousin & Lawyer

Shelly – Salon Owner in Colwyn City who purchases Aramintas first flat

Mr. Boveys – Multiple, Proprietor of Boveys Bathing and Culinaryware in Colwyn City, Aramintas fiance for 5 seconds

Laril – Aramintas Ex Husband, Shady Businessman, Migrating Inward

Jaful – Aramintas One Night Stand

Keetch – Araminta One Night Stand

Burt Renik – Proprietor of Askahars Infinite Systems in Colwyn City

Likan Sheldon – Sheldonite entrepeneur, businessman, motivational speaker.

Clemance – Likan harem member

Marakata – Likan harem member

Alsena – – Likan harem member

Helenna – Likans stylist

Nifran – Likans Masseuse

Debbina Sheldon – Likans daughter

Eridal Sheldon – Likans Son



Marian Kantil – Earth Senator

Ilanthe – ExoProtectorate Council, Advancer Faction (ANA)

Crispin Goldreich – ExoProtectorate Council, Senator during Starflyer War, Supporter of Isolationist/Internalist Factions (ANA)

Creewan – ExoProtectorate Council, Custodian Faction (ANA)

John Thelwell –ExoProtectorate Council, Darwinist Faction (ANA)


On/Around Anagaska

Sabine Viatek- Inigos Mother

Imelda Viatek – Sabines Twin Sister

Erik Horovi – Inigos Supposed Father

Paul Alkoff – Protectorate on Anagaska

Ruth Stol – St. Marys Clinician

Viertz Accu – St. Marys Manager

Halran – Investigator 2nd Level on Anagaska

Angelo – Under Halran on Anagaska

Darval – Under Halran on Anagaska


Hanko Restoration Project

Ansan Purillar – Director of Hanko Restoration Project, Advancer

Aeva Sondlin – Hanko Corpse

Ericilla – Olhava Province Recovery Team

Vilitar – Olhava Province Recovery Team

Cytus – Olhava Province Recovery Team

Nerina – Vilitars Wife, Olhava Province Recovery Team

Earl – Inigo, Olhava Province Recovery Team


Centurion Station

Director Lehr Trachtenberg – Centurion Station

Graffal Ehasz – Observation Dept Chief on Centurion Station




PS = Pandoras Star

JU = Judas Unchained

CS = Commonwealth Saga (Both PS & JU)

TDV = The Dreaming Void

TTV = The Temporal Void

TEV = The Evolutionary Void

LD = Living Dream

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