The Dreaming Void Character List

One of my favorite authors is Peter F. Hamilton.  I listen to a lot of books on audio while driving, and he has so many characters and so much going on in his books, that I find it useful to reference a character list.  I couldnt find one for TDV so I decided to make one for myself.  SPOILER WARNING: my character descriptions may give clues/hints to plotlines in the book…

This list is Commonwealth Characters Only.  Within the Void will be another post, also, I think I might arrange the list by planet and faction for a future post.  If Im missing some characters/pertinent details please post in comments (I know Im missing some important aliens – will add later).  This does not include Temporal Void Characters.  That will also be a future post.


Living Dream

Inigo – First Dreamer, Astrophysicist

Corrie-Lyn – Ex Councillor for Living Dream, Inigos Ex-Lover, Aarons Accomplice by force, Dream Analyst, Alcoholic

Ethan – Cleric Conservator for Living Dream

Phelim – Chief Cleric, Personal Secretary to Ethan

Captain Manby – Makkathran 2 Police Force Special Protection Division

Yves – Living Dream Deputy

Danal – Confluence nest technician, Purchases Colwyn City flat from Araminta

Mereble – Married to Danal

Rincenso – Living Dream Councillor

Falven – Living Dream Councillor

DeLouis – Living Dream Councillor

Tosyne – Living Dream Councillor


Faction Agents/Operatives

The Delivery Man – Identity Unknown, Conservative Faction

Lizzie – Wife

Rosa – 17 months old

Tilly – 7 years old

Elsie – 5 years old

Aaron – Unknown Faction Agent, Potentially Ozzies man, Mission to locate Inigo

Marius – Accelerator Agent


Starflyer Era

Lionwalker Eyre – Director at Centurion Station at the time of Inigo’s arrival/1st Dream.

The Cat – Catherine Stewart, Founder of Knights Guardian, Sentenced to 5000 yrs suspension for horrific crimes, Cloned as an Accelerator Agent

Justine Burnelli – Physical Political Representative for ANA Gov., Admiral Kazimirs Mother, Daughter to Gore Burnelli

Gore Burnelli – Commonwealth Contributer, Big Business, Post-physical

Nelson Sheldon – Former Security Chief to the Sheldon Dynasty

Paula Myo – ANA Governance Representative, Former Investigator from CS, Philipino/European Origins, minimalized her Huxleys Haven programming in order to enjoy Pink Floyd

Qatux – Raiel, Reformed Human-Emotion Addict

Oscar Monroe – AKA Gene Yaohui, Convicted Terrorist, reformed, saved the Commonwealth in CS, recruited by Myo to locate 2nd dreamer

Jesaral – One of Oscars 3 life partners

Dushiku – One of Oscars 3 life partners

Anja – One of Oscars 3 life partners

Anne and Wilson Kime – Downloaded to ANA, circumnavigated the galaxy.


Knights Guardian/Oscars Team to find 2nd Dreamer

Tomansio McFoster Stewart

Liatris McPeierl – Lt. technical specialist & armaments

Cheriton McOnna – Gaiafield Specialist, Altered by multimacrocellular enrichment

Beckia McKratz



Kazimir Burnelli – 1st Admiral, Human link between ANA governance and Navy Deterrent Fleet, Son of Justine Burnelli and Kazimir McFoster

Mykala – 3rd Level Captain and FTL Drive Bureau Director

Eoin – Captain Specializing in Alien Activities

Yehudi – Arevelo Navy Office Commander


Troblum & Associates

Troblum – Descendant of Mark Vernon, Phsycist

Solidos with I-Sentient Personality, Replicated from Starflyer era to be Troblums Companions:

Catriona Saleeb

Trisha Marina Halgarth

Isabella Halgarth

Emily Alm – Former Navy Weapons Division, Troblums FTL team

Dan Massell – Troblums FTL team

Ami Cowee – Troblums FTL team

Lucken – Troblums mystery passenger

Stubsy Florac – Relics Dealer on Sholupur

Alcinda – Bodyguard/Clone

Somonie – Bodyguard/Clone

Neskia – Runs Accelerator Assembly Station near the Swarm


Araminta & Associates

Araminta – Waitress turned Developer, 2nd Dreamer, Descendent of Mellanie Rescorai

Tandra – Aramintas Co-worker at Niks

Mathew – Aramintas Boss at Niks

Cressida – Aramintas Cousin & Lawyer

Shelly – Salon Owner in Colwyn City who purchases Aramintas first flat

Mr. Boveys – Multiple, Proprietor of Boveys Bathing and Culinaryware in Colwyn City, Aramintas fiance for 5 seconds

Laril – Aramintas Ex Husband, Shady Businessman, Migrating Inward

Jaful – Aramintas One Night Stand

Keetch – Araminta One Night Stand

Burt Renik – Proprietor of Askahars Infinite Systems in Colwyn City

Likan Sheldon – Sheldonite entrepeneur, businessman, motivational speaker.

Clemance – Likan harem member

Marakata – Likan harem member

Alsena – – Likan harem member

Helenna – Likans stylist

Nifran – Likans Masseuse

Debbina Sheldon – Likans daughter

Eridal Sheldon – Likans Son



Marian Kantil – Earth Senator

Ilanthe – ExoProtectorate Council, Advancer Faction (ANA)

Crispin Goldreich – ExoProtectorate Council, Senator during Starflyer War, Supporter of Isolationist/Internalist Factions (ANA)

Creewan – ExoProtectorate Council, Custodian Faction (ANA)

John Thelwell –ExoProtectorate Council, Darwinist Faction (ANA)


On/Around Anagaska

Sabine Viatek- Inigos Mother

Imelda Viatek – Sabines Twin Sister

Erik Horovi – Inigos Supposed Father

Paul Alkoff – Protectorate on Anagaska

Ruth Stol – St. Marys Clinician

Viertz Accu – St. Marys Manager

Halran – Investigator 2nd Level on Anagaska

Angelo – Under Halran on Anagaska

Darval – Under Halran on Anagaska


Hanko Restoration Project

Ansan Purillar – Director of Hanko Restoration Project, Advancer

Aeva Sondlin – Hanko Corpse

Ericilla – Olhava Province Recovery Team

Vilitar – Olhava Province Recovery Team

Cytus – Olhava Province Recovery Team

Nerina – Vilitars Wife, Olhava Province Recovery Team

Earl – Inigo, Olhava Province Recovery Team


Centurion Station

Director Lehr Trachtenberg – Centurion Station

Graffal Ehasz – Observation Dept Chief on Centurion Station




PS = Pandoras Star

JU = Judas Unchained

CS = Commonwealth Saga (Both PS & JU)

TDV = The Dreaming Void

TTV = The Temporal Void

TEV = The Evolutionary Void

LD = Living Dream

My Other Mother

Oh yes – my other mother… or part of a possible series concept called “Men-types that raised me in the absense of my father…” which would likely include Tommy, Doctor Who, John Cleese, Danny Elfman… and my all time #1 – Tim Curry. How I love you. Kisses.

And, I might add, it wasnt easy being raised by Time Lords, Manic Brits, Transvestite-Butler-Legendary Demons, Deaf-dumb-and-blind kids (who sure play mean pinball) and musical geniuses – but I think I turned out OK.

So elaborating on this idea a little bit… Doctor Who taught me non-violence and quiet perseverance… Danny Elfman taught me that there is always room for one more… and that no one lives forever… Tommy taught me about Jesus and messiahs in general (and messiah complexes – always fun)… and that Jack Nicholson shouldn’t have a singing part in any movie ever. John Cleese taught me that you cant knock a nail in with a hamster… (very important) and that when your brain hurts you should put a dipie on your head.  I use that remedy to this day. Tim Curry taught me that when I get hot and flustered – I should use a bit of mustard… and that, in truth, even when there are other possibilities, the Butler DID do it.

More Ferarum Update

If you’re reading… I just want to let you know that I’m struggling with the end of this story. I still consider myself a new writer and writing serially is incredibly challenging (as reading serially often is, especially when the author has no update schedule). 

This is just a little reminder that this will probably be a better read when the story is complete. Thank you for understanding.

More Ferarum is Endless Torment

I am so sorry I’ve done this to myself.  And to you, those who have patiently stuck by me for YEARS as I struggle to write this story where basically nothing happens and people don’t just SAY what they need to say.

I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for how this story is going to end, because I know I won’t do it justice.  I really didn’t know what I was doing with this story, but I went ahead and did it anyway… and it reads like a story that doesn’t know what it is.  At least to me.

Maybe a little down the road, after the dust has settled, I’ll be able to clean it up and set it right.  Maybe.

Right now I just can’t stomach the idea of ever having to read it again.

Haha. Sob.

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